• Posted January 24, 2018

Security Policy Tool - Introduction

Video Tutorial:

  • Introduction of User-Interface
    • Creating a New Project
    • Explore the Layout
  • Creating Access Control Policies
    • Define Attributes/Attribute Values
    • Define Inheritance Relations
    • Create Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) Model
  • Testing & Verification
    • Create Individual Security Requirements
    • Test Policy Against Security Requirements
    • Single Policy Verification & Combined Policy Verification 

Video Tutorial:

Our editor takes the headache out of working with XACML access control policies with its intelligent, intuitive, and user-friendly features.

The XACML Editor is included with no limitations in all Security Policy Tool subscription packages (Lite, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited).

Watch the powerful XACML Editor in action on the left. After you’re done, click here to download it for free today!