Video: XACML Editor – Security Policy Tool (Version 2.0)

Thursday, March 22, 2018

One of the biggest improvements in the latest version (2.0.0) of Security Policy Tool was made to the powerful XACML Editor. The new XACML Editor has been designed to take the headache out of creating and editing XACML access control policies. With its intelligent error detection and intuitive XACML code completion features you can be confident you have created secure access control policies/rules in as little time possible.

Check out the video below to see the new and improved XACML Editor in action…



Improved Editor Features Include:

  •    Intelligent XACML Code Completion
  •    Integrated Suggestions for Attribute Value, Content Values of XACML Elements
  •    On-the-fly XACML Syntax Error Detection
  •    Powerful Navigation and Refactoring for XACML
  •    Effective Graph-based, Assistive and Interactive XACML Document Editing
  •    Tree-structure Representation of XACML Elements for Flexible Analysis/Editing
  •    Fully Supports XACML 3.0 and XACML 2.0 standards
  •    Auto Conversion from XACML 2.0 to XACML 3.0 Documents
  •    Supports XACML Documents - Policy, Policy Set, and Request

Download the free Lite Version and try the Security Policy Tool – XACML Editor today! The XACML Editor is included with no limitations in all Security Policy Tool subscription packages (Lite, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited).

Also, don’t forget to model and verify your policy/rule logic in the testing and verification area as well. Security Policy Tool saves you time and cost in managing and verifying your access control policies while also helping you prevent devastating access control leaks. Test and verify that your policies are fully secure before deploying them into your access control system (PDP; enforcement system).

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