Smart Phone Application for Onboard Railroad Passenger Information System

Monday, June 05, 2017

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has awarded InfoBeyond exclusive rights to develop a Safety Critical, Real-time, Intelligent Passenger Transport (SCRIPT) App. SCRIPT App delivers tremendous improvements to the travelling experience, all accessed right from the passenger’s smartphone.

Unlike the currently available apps (Amtrack Go, USRail Pro, Wanderru) SCRIPT App will deliver onboard WiFi to train passengers for the first time ever. By integrating satellite and on-board wireless mesh networks for broadband data communication; SCRIPT App will enable continual global internet accessibility regardless of train location. Additionally, it utilizes cellular networks to enhance the network throughput.

SCRIPT App will utilize InfoBeyond’s Security Policy Tool to verify access control of the sensitive travelling/service information in an ABAC model framework. SCRIPT App provides secure PA (Public Address), PIS (Passenger Information System) display, KIOSK capabilities, onboard entertainment, real-time conductor interaction, and other onboard services that are all accessible on the passenger’s smartphone.

SCRIPT App will allow passengers to interact with the conductor to select on-board services. Once launched, entertainment such as music and movies will be provided to passengers by request. SCRIPT App also provides secure PIS features for persons with disabilities such as prioritized services, disability-friendly navigation, voice user interface, voice to text, and text to voice, etc. 

Since 2015, there are on average 86,000 passengers per day (i.e., 30.8 million passengers/yr) riding on more than 300 Amtrak trains. InfoBeyond is developing SCRIPT App with the goal of delivering a solution that will promote train travel, enhance the travel experience for all passengers, and strengthen safety/security along their journey.

SCRIPT can be used for Intelligent Transportation Systems and will be free for basic Safety and PIS services.