Security Policy Tool Publishes New Version 1.0.1

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Today, InfoBeyond has released its newest version of Security Policy Tool (Version 1.0.1). This updated version adds new functions to make policy testing even easier than before.


Security Policy ToolIn this new version, policy authors can now compose Condition attributes via graphical interface and built-in XACML code. It also provides an automatic, search-and-match function for policy authors to choose XACML elements with ease. Furthermore, it enables policy authors to inspect access control policy flaws by indexing the testing results in a more convenient way.  The new version addresses great feedback InfoBeyond received from its users, such as adding an updated Demo Example in the installation package. By providing this new Demo Example, policy authors will be able to become familiar with Security Policy Tool more quickly.


As signification of the value that access control policy verification creates; Security Policy Tool has evolved into a very powerful tool. The two greatest ways Security Policy Tool delivers value are the following: First, it tremendously enhances security in access control systems for those who use policy verification compared to those that do not. Secondly, it significantly reduces the cost and time efforts for AC policy development, deployment, management, and maintenance.


Overall, Security Policy Tool is a robust tool for managing complicated access control systems with a large number of access control rules and policies. Because of its powerful functions, it is an indispensable tool for policy authors to develop, test, and verify access control policies. Using Security Policy Tool, empowers authors to be worry-free knowing their access control system does not contain any ruinous access control flaws. Access control policy verification increases security confidence for organizations who use it – leaving the organization’s customers happier as well.   


Check out our website ( and take a look at our updated User Manual. Make sure to try our Free Demo to see for yourself why InfoBeyond is a leader in Access Control Security.