Security Policy Tool: Enhancing Air Force and Military Access Control Security

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A Battlefield Air Operations (BAO) kit is a rugged, wearable command and control system that enhances military ground and air tactical capabilities. The Department of Air Force has awarded InfoBeyond to develop TIAC (Transparent Combat Identification, Authentication, and Access Control with Multilevel Security Capabilities) to greatly strengthen BAO security [Contract #: FA8750-17-C-0287].


TIAC enables continuous and ubiquitous authentication of access requests made amid military network services. The contract proposes to use Security Policy Tool to verify the service provider’s policies to ensure the highest possible levels of security are achieved. Previously, XACML security policies have been deployed often without testing and verification – leaving the possibility of hidden errors being present. These hidden errors can result in various types of disastrous security vulnerabilities, as identified in NIST SP 800-192.


Security Policy Tool promotes XACML policy testing and verification to improve the security confidence of enforcing service provider’s XACML policies in distributed and complex systems. Security Policy Tool is used for policy verification in access control security models such as Multilevel Security, ABAC, RBAC, and PBAC. TIAC further incorporates opportunistic biometric verification technology to prevent a BAO from being hijacked or compromised. Security Policy Tool heightens organization’s access control security confidence to meet the recommendations discussed in NIST’s specification NIST SP 800-192.


InfoBeyond greatly enjoys helping military leadership in improving Mobile Authentication and Access Capability.  


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