Introducing the InfoBeyond Technology - YouTube Channel

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Still undecided whether you want to try out our free Security Policy Tool demo? Well, we want to help with that! Introducing the InfoBeyond Technology LLC - YouTube Channel.

On our freshly created YouTube Channel, we will be posting product videos to highlight our solution’s key features. The videos will give you a better idea of the type of value our solutions can provide for you and your organization. We will be creating a variety of different videos and are also open to specific topic requests when enough interest is generated. Our first video gives you a great, first-hand look at the key-features and process flow of Security Policy Tool.

Here are some of the topics we take a look at:

  • Introduction of User-Interface
    • Creating a New Project
    • Explore the Layout
  • Creating Access Control Policies
    • Define Attributes/Attribute Values
    • Define Inheritance Relations
    • Create Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) Model
  • Testing & Verification
    • Create Individual Security Requirements
    • Test Policy Against Security Requirements
    • Single Policy Verification & Combined Policy Verification 

As you will hear at the end of our Introductory Video for Security Policy Tool, we already have plans to create specific feature videos in the future. After you’re done watching, go check out the channel page here and hit the Subscribe button so you don’t miss any upcoming videos.

If you still haven’t yet, be sure to download our Free Demo and see for yourself why InfoBeyond is a leader in access control security solutions!