DoE Grants InfoBeyond’s Gridchain Solution: An Auditable Blockchain for Smart Grid Data Integrity and Immutability

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

We have been witnessed the Industroyer power grid cybersecurity attack in Ukraine’s power system in which attackers controlled the substation’s circuit breakers and protection relays. In 2018, CyberwarCon forum in Washington, DC reported that a variety of hacker groups (e.g., Russian Energetic Bear) have been targeting to the U.S. power grids. For defending these attacks, grid data integrity and immutability must be maintained in the all phases of data generation, delivery, store, and consumption. However, it is still a security problem.



In order to fill up this security gap, DoE awarded InfoBeyond to investigate a new blockchain technology namely, Gridchain - An Auditable Blockchain for Smart Grid Data Integrity and Immutability. Gridchain advocates blockchain technology to achieve grid data integrity and immutability against cybersecurity attacks. For such a purpose, it integrates OpenFMB to retrieve the data of interests from endpoints and securely feed to blockchain contracts. Meanwhile, Gridchain also provides a means to securely feed external data (e.g., fee) into blockchain with authenticity. Further, an online auditing module is added an additional security to the top of the build-in blockchain security. It analyzes the contracts to detect blockchain misbehaviors from attackers. 

Gridchain addresses the urgent requirements of national power systems to improve grid security and resilience against cybersecurity attacks:

  • It targets for National Power Grid Security to protect grid data integrity and immutability to a new level. A high level of power grid data protection is especially more important to U.S. military mission operations and defense.
  • It improves the Smart Grid Service security that protect the service availability and efficiency. It promotes economical and clean energy distribution that securely integrates communication, advanced control methods, and decision support using grid data.
  • It reduces the Power Grid Cost and Operational Errors. This is due to capability that Gridchain reduces the cost by greatly eliminating the need for system operators to manage the smart grid. Human errors can be greatly eliminated as the transactions are initiated using self-enforced grid contracts. 

Moreover, Gridchain is designed as a software system to support the data security in a large-scale power system. 

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